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Helmut Newton Foundation

The Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin will bring the major retrospective exhibition, Helmut Newton. Legacy on October 31, 2021. The entire exhibition space on the first floor of the museum will chronologically trace the life and visual legacy of the photographer Helmut Newton. With over 300 works of art, half of which are being shown for the first time, the foundation’s creator Matthias Harder will show lesser-known aspects of Newton’s oeuvre, including many of his more fashion photographs which span over the decades and reflect the changing spirit of the times. The presentation will be additionally shown by Polaroids and contact sheets that give insight into the creation aspect of some of the iconic motifs shown, as well as important publications, archival material, and quotations from the photographer. Visitors can now look forward to seeing not only Helmut Newton’s many iconic images, but also a number of surprises.

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