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Blondie Andy Warhol Print

Blondie Andy Warhol Print


blondie Andy Warhol Print

Andy Warhol’s blondie image of Debbie Harry is possibly one of the most well known Warhol images ever. A number of these screen prints were made, you can find images like this and other Warhol prints & multiples HERE. 

About Andy Warhol and Debbie Harry

Andy Warhol and Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry recently in an interview in 2016 described her life when meeting Warhol and how they became close. She stated “if he could have anyone else’s face, it would be mine”. When they went for their first photoshoot together, Debbie Harry claims that she remembers him saying that and she was just in awe due to the fact that she was a huge fan at the time. She stated that during the infamous Debbie Harry shooting, Andy asked her which picture she wanted to use out of a multitude of different images and Warhol ended up selecting the infamous Debbie Harry one and painted it to what is known today as the “Andy Warhol Debbie Harry painting”.

When was the painting of this Blondie Andy Warhol Print?

Debbie Harry painting

This painting was constructed in 1980 by Warhol and is one of his most iconic images in today’s day. The original painting sold at a Sotheby’s auction in around 2010 for a staggering $5.9 million. The original painting is still with the owner and has not been listed again on the auction marketplace. That is the most recent result of this painting, it seems as if the current owner loves it.

About Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol

"If you want to be an artist," said Pop Artist Andy Warhol -- "and I do!" -- "you've got to get some money." He was right. For more than half a century he has been one of the most influential artists in American history. His work is everywhere; it is on T-shirts, plates and even on the walls of banks around the world. It influenced generations of artists including Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring. The list goes on and on. But how did this man who grew up poor become such a legend? In this article we'll learn about Andy Warhol's life from childhood until death. We will discover what made him decide to pursue art as a career instead of another profession, why he chose New York City for that pursuit and how he became famous during the 1960s. Read on to find out all these things and much more...

Born Andrew Warhola in 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Andy Warhol came from humble beginnings. His father worked at several jobs but never seemed to make enough money to support the family adequately. As a result, Warhol spent many hours helping out with odd jobs after school and working part time in a bakery when he wasn't attending high school full time. Despite these hardships, Warhol managed to graduate from Duquesne University (then called Allegheny College) in 1949 without earning any honors or awards. After graduating from college, Warhol moved back home where he took over the duties of running the household while also holding down two other jobs. This constant juggling act eventually caused Warhol to drop out of sight for almost three years. During this period, Warhol suffered through depression and failed relationships before finally deciding to focus solely on painting.

In 1953 Warhol met Gerard Malanga, who would later introduce Warhol to fellow painters Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns among others. At first Warhol refused to participate in group meetings because he felt uncomfortable being surrounded by people whose talents were so far beyond his own ability level. However, once he began meeting regularly with members of this new circle, Warhol realized that although they weren't necessarily interested in selling their paintings themselves, they could help sell each other's works if they focused exclusively on creating great artwork rather than focusing on making money. By 1955 Warhol had joined forces with Malanga and two other friends to form Abstract Expressionist Artists Inc., better known as AbExArt. Over the next few years, Warhol continued to produce abstract expressionism inspired artwork while also experimenting with collage techniques borrowed from Surrealism. These new ideas led to collaborations with numerous pop culture icons like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando. One of Warhol's best known pieces was 1964's Little King David, which depicts a young boy dressed in royal garb pointing a gun at the viewer. Although originally created specifically for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, the piece quickly garnered attention due to its controversial portrayal of violence against children.

Warhol's fame skyrocketed during the late 1960s thanks to appearances on Dick Cavett, Mike Douglas' Show and Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in. But by 1967 Warhol's health had begun declining rapidly because of drug use and obesity. In 1968 Warhol fell off a subway platform and broke his leg badly. While recuperating from the injury, Warhol decided to give up food and drugs altogether. That same year he released his most well received film, Sleep, starring Jackie Curtis and her husband Jack Kerouac. On November 1st 1969 Warhol died suddenly of cardiac arrest brought on by lung cancer. A funeral service was held the following day attended by thousands of mourners. Today there are countless museums devoted entirely to Warhol's legacy and his influence can still be seen today both in print media and throughout society.

Works Considered Important To Andy Warhol

Although Warhol produced hundreds of different works during his lifetime, only five series have been considered particularly important: Movies, Exploding Plastic Inevitable, Interviews, Serigraphs and Polaroids. Let's take a closer look at each of them:


During the 1950s Warhol began producing movies that consisted mainly of footage taken directly from magazines and newspapers. Many critics believed that the content in these films was not worth saving since nothing actually happened within the movie frames. Other viewers claimed that watching the clips helped them feel connected to Warhol himself. From 1952 - 1956 Warhol filmed everything from fashion models to commercial actors. The final clip included scenes shot in 1957 showing actress Candy Darling having sex with a banana slice taped to her chest!

Exploding Plastic Inevitable

The Exploding Plastic Inevitable debuted in 1966 and ran weekly for nearly four months. Each episode followed the same format featuring performances by various celebrities accompanied by music provided by The Velvet Underground. The show ended abruptly when police raided Warhol's Factory claiming that no permission had ever been obtained to perform live entertainment there. Several episodes are available to view online as YouTube videos.


Starting in 1965 Warhol began recording conversations between himself and individuals ranging from ordinary citizens to notable figures in politics and industry. Some of those interviewed include Malcolm Forbes, Norman Mailer, Frank Stella, Cecil Beaton, Truman Capote, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, John Huston, Doris Lessing, Paul Rand and Yves Klein. All of these clips feature dialogue recorded onto 16mm film stock.


Warhol Serigraph

These serigraphs, which often featured images of Mao Zedong and Chairman Mao dancing, were printed using silk screen processes on heavy cotton fabrics. They were popular with audiences during screenings performed at Carnegie Hall.

Polaroid Originals

Warhol Polaroid

Many of Warhol's Polaroid originals were taken spontaneously in everyday settings by assistants like Billy Name, Peter Max and Brigid Berlin. Others were staged photo shoots set up especially for photographers like George Plimpton and Irving Penn.

Andy Warhol Biography Summary

Now let's see what else we know about Andy Warhol's biography. Was Warhol married? Did he have kids? What kind of car did he drive? How tall was he? Find answers to questions similar to these in our summary below.

Interesting Facts About Andy Warhol

Did you know that Andy Warhol was born in Pennsylvania? Or that Warhol's mother used to beat him severely as a child with a belt? You may also be surprised to learn that Warhol didn't start painting until he was 24 years old. And that he changed his name from Andrew Warhola to just Andy Warhol? Don't miss out on reading about the rest of Andy Warhol's interesting facts too.

Personal Details Of Andy Warhol

Birthday : May 6, 1928

  Birth Place : Pittsburgh, PA

  Death Date : March 15, 1987

  Height : 5 feet 7 inches

  Weight : 175 pounds

  Siblings/Relatives : Brother Sam (died 1989), brother Jim (1951-1980) and sister Barbara (1965-2003)

  Occupation : Painter / Art Dealer / Screenwriter

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